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Revive: The Wellness Magazine of Refuah Health Winter 2018

Refuah Health warmly welcomes you back to our newest Revive edition, bursting with

useful information. The Revive Team has handpicked health material addressed to

individuals at every stage of life. Take a break from the cold weather and settle in with the

Revive winter edition. We hope you’ll enjoy!


We are super excited to have you meet our newest adult endocrinologist, Dr. Marcia

Palace, MD, in our feature article. Join us for a glimpse into the world of Diabetes and other

endocrinological disorders. Dr. Palace’s unique personality and passion for her patients’

wellbeing makes for a pleasurable read as she shares her vast medical knowledge with

you. Read about the newest updates in technology as well as the latest research in this

fascinating field.


Antibiotics: to give or not to give? Hear from Dr. Behnam, MD, a longtime pediatrician at

RefuahHealth, on the proper usage of this multi-faceted lifesaving tool.

Peek into the lives of our dedicated employees, Malka Steinmetz, RN, and Esther

Lowenstein, RN. Share in the inspiration that drives them to continue helping our patients

improve their health and quality of life.


Things have been moving at a fast pace here at RefuahHealth. Over the past six months,

we’ve added a new wing to our New Square site and expanded our team to include many

new top-tier professionals, allowing us to provide enhanced services to our various



Additionally, our senior patients can now benefit from our Refuah Home Health agency.

Thanks to a strong connection between our aides and health providers, our patients feel

secure, receiving the utmost care in the comfort of their home. Check out our senior care

safety tips by Cathy Zikorus, NP, on how to protect seniors in their home environment.


It was gratifying hearing your response to our previous issues; keep the comments and

suggestions coming.


Enjoy the read!

The Revive Team

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